The Audience Growth Booster

Create a set-and-forget audience growth system that brings in leads every day (and then generates sales).

Daily Sales On Autopilot

My client was sitting on a small list of potential clients, but she wasn't putting any offers in front of them.

She knew she had people sitting there...itching to buy from her, but she didn't know how to set it all up.

We started working together, and here’s what happened:

I helped her to quickly launch a beta version of her course to her warm audience (of about 250 people), and we sold around 20 spots in that first week

I created a simple Profit Ascension Funnel - a suite of smaller ticket products that turn subscribers into buyers - who are then nurtured to become buyers of her higher-ticket course.

I set up a Profit Booster email sequence to run on autopilot.

And I set up an Audience Growth Booster system - growing her list AND making sales every day.

Join me for...

The Audience Growth Booster

Grow your email list every day, nurture your subscribers, and make sales while you sleep. Here's what we're going to get done together...


Create an 'impossible to resist' registration page for your lead magnet.


Create a Connect and Convert email sequence that quickly turns new subscribers into clients and customers


Craft client-magnet content that attracts perfect people into your world

You could be making making sales on autopilot in as little as a week from now!

What's Included in the Audience Growth Booster System

Frameworks and templates

Landing page frameworks for Lead Magnets, Masterclasses and 5-Day Challenges.

A 5-part Connect and Convert email sequence framework.

Social media content frameworks to promote your lead magnet and effortlessly grow your audience.

Swipe files

Examples of lead magnet funnels 'in the wild' to help you visualise how to set yours up, as well as provide inspiration.

On-demand training portal

All of the templates and frameworks come with quick-to-consume video training.

I'll guide you step-by-step on how to use the templates so that you're never stuck on what to write (or how to put it all together).

Tech library

Stuck on how to connect your lead magnet to your website to your emails?

I'll create a library of tech tutorials to help you navigate behind-the-scenes.

Canva templates

A canva template for your registration pages.

Write your copy in the supplied Google doc, and then copy it into a Canva template to match it to your brand.

You can then hand this over to your VA or designer to add to your website or funnel...or it's ready for you to quickly do for yourself.

Lifetime access to the content

All of the training, frameworks, templates and swipe files will be uploaded to a portal that you can access 24/7.

You have lifetime access to this content, as well as any future upgrades I make.

Want It Done FOR You?

If you want someone to just get this done FOR you, we have limited spots for VIP clients

This Profit Booster Email Pack is PERFECT for you if …

You’re a coach, consultant, service provider, freelancer or any other sort of online business.

I’ve created the templates and frameworks specifically for people working in these niches because this is the industry I work in, and most of my clients have an online business.

You need an affordable solution to getting your email sequences up and running…like yesterday. 

You’re not interested in copywriting lessons, you just want to make more sales fast. I've packaged everything together for you to just fill out, plug-n-play, and upload to your email service provider.

You know that getting your copy and messaging is THE most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to generating more revenue from your ideal clients. This system guides you to nailing that message in a super-efficient (yet dazzlingly-YOU) sort of way.

You’re tired of wasting time working out how to do it all yourself. You want an expert to guide you, without breaking the bank.

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